📍Suggested Description Source, Downstream chart & Upstream Tables, Open Looker button
Source Tables & Downstream Charts
To understand which tables the dashboard is coming from, you might have to click through the multiple levels of BI data model today. We're introducing Source Tables to be able to give you a summary of all direct tables today.
Source Tables - first level of upstream tables of the dashboard:
Similarly, we are also introducing Downstream Charts similar to Downstream Dashboards tab under lineage.
Downstream Charts - list of downstream dashboards & charts per column:
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Suggested Description Source
The auto-propagated description is one of our most-loved features. To give more context to it, we start to show where it comes from with the✨ icon.
Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 11
Suggested Tags
Select Star will automatically tag asset types with relevant tags from upstream and downstream fields where data is directly propagated.
Select Star will also mark PII tags if the table includes any PII tagged columns.
👆 Suggested tags show up in a grey background. Upon hover, you can see where the tag is auto-filled from.
It's always feeling excited when we bring some product update news! Have a great weekend everyone!
📍Query log processed timestamp, Updated discussion UI, and In-editor markdown rendering
1.Query log processed timestamp
Now, the timestamp of the last query logs processed is presented on the data admin page (UI). We believe this would help when you want to know if this data is up-to-date.
*This update is only for databases (Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, and Redshift)
Group 1
2. Updated discussion UI
We have just updated the discussion look & feel to provide a better user experience. You can easily reply, edit, and share the comments!
Previous screen
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 9
Updated screen
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 9
3. Docs: In-editor markdown rendering
Now you can use Markdown shortcuts to format plain text and generate different outputs. Please refer to what markdown elements we support at this moment:
Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 2
We are sure that this feature will make your documentary experience even better.
Screen-Recording-2022-08-26-at-1 (1)
Also, when pasting a link into the editor, it would automatically be converted to a hyperlink:
Play around with it and let us know what you think!
📍 ERD on specified tables, Updated Mention Search, and Multiple fields for Metrics
1. ERD Filters
We've received a lot of comments that ER Diagram is so useful! To make it more practical, we start to support generating ERD tables based on specified tables. In ERD explore, you can also uncheck some checkboxes of selected tables to see the relationship between the remaining tables.
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Tip!💡 You can share your
ER Diagram link
with your co-workers!
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2. Revamped Mention Search
The updated mention search has just been released today! If you are looking specifically for a looker explore or dashboard in mention search, for example, now what you need is just type the search keyword and tick the box for the data type such as looker explore. You can use this in doc, metrics, and descriptions in general.
Screen-Recording-2022-08-17-at-1 (4)
3. Multiple fields for Metrics
Previously, metrics were designed to accept only numbers or BI measure fields. We have made updates to have any type of multiple fields in metrics by using the renovated mention search.
Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 12
📍 Revamped tag page, tables in docs, and Snowflake PK/FK
Tag page Design Update
This revamped tag page can help you take a closer look at what nested tags are and what the tag is for.
Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 11
Tip💡 You can generate
ER Diagram
by selecting checkboxes of data in the asset tab.
Table feature in the editor
The new editor feature 'Table' has just been added. It allows you to insert the table itself and mention the table, doc, metric, and person in it!
Tip💡Don't forget to type @ and a few characters to use mention search)
Search results sorting by popularity
Explore the search result based on popularity.
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Snowflake PK/FK display
Maybe some of you have already noticed this.. If you have added primary and foreign keys in Snowflake, it will automatically be shown after scheduled ingestion.
We're excited to bring more features next week! Will get back to you soon with more good news.🥳
📍 Copy/paste the full path of the data, Tableau custom SQL + more!
1. Bulk update API
We have updated Select Star API to update multiple descriptions of multiple objects.
2. Copy/paste the full path
With just one click, you can now copy and paste the full path of the data!
3. Copy/download column names
For each table, you can now copy or export all the columns information. Look for these export buttons on the Columns tab:
4. See tableau custom SQL Query directly from the lineage
While looking through upstream and downstream in tableau, you can check custom SQL in Select Star.
💫 Editor updates, Metabase Integration, and more!
Docs / Description Editor update
1. Styling & multi-line support for column descriptions
You can now add line breaks, and style text easily for Column / Field descriptions. Yes, keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+B for
is supported too.
2. Floating editor
Within the edit fields, we're also introducing a floating editor. Just highlight the text you want to format, and a floating editor will appear with some styling options. We hope that this makes it easier and faster to edit your text in the database, schema, and column level.
floating mini toolbar
Metabase Integration
  • Metabase integration is one of the most requested integrations from our customers. So now we have it! You can explore Metabase data lineage, popularity, and more in Select Star 🤩
* You can check more information here - Metabase Integration Docs
Postgres / Redshift integration update
We have made it simpler, faster, and more secure to configure Select Star integration with AWS RDS for PostgreSQL and for AWS Redshift.
It has been automated with AWS CloudFormation, which means no more IAM config changes.
Now you can create and flawlessly configure a new data source for these services with a few simple steps: Redshift Integration Docs
dbt Cloud columns for ephemeral models
Ephemeral models weren't supported natively from dbt Cloud APIs, but we've added support to display the column level information ✨
Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 1
📍 New Overview tab + Text editor improvement 🖌 💫
We are moving to a cleaner, more spacious UI following the sidebar update ✨
Overview tab
Now you can add text documentation for your tables and dashboards!
With the new overview tab, you can document the information as much as you want. If the table is mentioned by other docs or other objects, we’ll also show a backlink on the Overview tab:
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 4
Docs update: Select Star now supports inline code and images
  • How to Add Inline Code
Step 1. Highlight the portion that you want to change to inline code.
Step 2. Click on the inline code icon in the text editor.
  • How to Add Image
You can add images by one of the following ways:
  1. Pressing image button in toolbar and uploading from computer.
  2. Dragging and dropping file from computer.
  3. Copy and pasting file from computer.
Screen-Recording-2022-06-17-at-4 (1)
We've been impressed by lots of users using our docs for their data documentation! We’d love to hear what you think of the new updates 💌
Auto-generated ERD (Entity-Relationship Diagram)
Today, we are releasing Auto-generated ERD (Entity-Relationship Diagram) in order to better support data analysts and citizen data scientists to understand and leverage data more effectively.
How to see your ER-Diagrams?
  1. For any table, go to
    Queries & Joins
    tab and click
    ERD (beta)
2.On a database view, select tables and click
ERD (beta)
  1. You can also do this in the Tags page -- select the tables and click
    Open ERD
It's our very first version, so still in beta and we plan to add improvements quickly.
Please let us know what you think! 😃
Improving UX, and PowerBI Integration
1. Breadcrumbs
Did you notice this already? You can now click on database / schema names and easily jump to the higher level page:
2. Teams page update
Easily create team name and remove teams in Settings > Team:
3. New Integration: PowerBI
You can now enjoy all the discovery features of Select Star for PowerBI. Column level lineage, top users, popularity... Check out our integrations docs for more: https://docs.selectstar.com/integrations/powerbi
New Sidebar UI, dbt Cloud Support, and Full Lineage API 🚀
Lots of new updates in the last couple of weeks!
🔥 1. New Sidebar UI 🔥
In order to give you more space on the main page, we're upgrading our sidebar hierarchy:
By simply unpinning the sidebar, you can now have more space:
👉 If you don't want the sidebar to disappear, just pin it again.
➕ Bonus:
we've removed the edit toggle -- if you're a data manager or admin, you can still update the Docs hierarchy ordering or nesting w/o the toggle.
We would love to hear what you think!
🦾 2. dbt Cloud Support 🦾
Now you can automatically update your manifest.json if you're on dbt Cloud! Check out our docs here on how to create your custom job: https://docs.selectstar.com/integrations/dbt/dbt-cloud
👩‍🚀 3. Full-lineage API 👩‍🚀
Previously, you had to traverse the graph level by level, node by node in order to get to the full lineage. We've now updated the API so you can fetch multiple levels once up to 10 -- you can also get upstream only, downstream only, or both.
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