Looker Looks, Views, and Folder Support 💫
One of Select Star's strengths is strong Looker integration. Now, Looker integration will be more robust with support for LookML Views, Looks, and Looker Folder page.
1. LookML View
LookML Views are now fully supported within the Select Star. You can see out both view-level and field-level lineage.
Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 9
2. Looker Look
With the new Look page, you can see Looker Look-related metadata on the overview page. Also, you can open this Look with the ‘Open in Looker’ button.
From the left sidebar, you can get a list of Dashboards and Looks as well.
3. Looker Folder Page
You can now see an individual's Looker folder page along with the Shared folder in Select Star. This will help you identify each team member's Looker assets, along with all the shared assets.
Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 2
Thank you for all feedback you made so far and we are always eager to hear more of your thoughts on the features. Have a great day!
-Select Star Team 🫶
Select Star Chrome extension BI support updates, Custom Attribute, Team page, and dbt tag update
Happy New Year Everyone!
We would love to start the new year with the beloved Select Star Chrome extension updates.
Chrome extension updates (Tableau, Looker, Mode, PowerBI and Sigma)
Now you can see the relevant information on the Select Star Chrome extension while seeing Tableau, Looker, Mode, Sigma, and PowerBI.
So how can we use it? Simple and easy.
  • Step 1. Go to the BI tool you use
  • Step 2. Click and open the Select Star icon from the Chrome toolbar.
  • Step 3. Select Star information on your dashboard will load automatically!
Screen-Recording-2023-01-05-at-2 (1)
We plan to add support for Google Data (Looker) Studio and Metabase in the near future.
2. Custom Attribute
You can add custom attributes based on asset type in Select Star. A custom attribute is shown in the details section in overview tabs, as a column in the tables, and in the column-level page. Admins can create/edit/delete a custom attribute in the admin page.
Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 4
Once create it, you are able to see and manage it in table and column page.
Screen-Recording-2023-01-11-at-3 (1)
This will allow you to add metadata beyond just title & descriptions, such as table refresh rate, data quality metric, and field name alias. Find more information here.
3. Team page in the Sidebar
The team menu in the sidebar helps team navigation and provides quick access to top-level collections of data/resources in your team and organization. Also, you can add your team's GitHub link, Slack Channel info, etc.
4. dbt tag update
Previously, in order to see the dbt tag, you needed to create a separate data source. With this new dbt tag update, you can see imported dbt tags from your connected dbt source directly on your DWH tables.
If you missed our previous dbt tag update, pls take a look at this past change log and our dbt integration docs.
Have a great weekend everyone!
🧪 dbt Test Support (beta)
Following the dbt tag support, now you can check all dbt test run results in Select Star!
So how can we see the dbt test results? There are three ways. 😃
1. See all the dbt tests from the Sidebar
If you have a dbt as a separate data source, you'll notice that we added
dbt Tests
on the sidebar. From this page, you can see a list of all the dbt tests on one page. You are also able to filter the list based on the Failed / Warning / Passed status. Moreover, you can add descriptions and tags.
By Clicking on each dbt test name, you can see its run history, source, and even error message Select Star. This will help you to see all the information related to the specific test:
2. Find the dbt Tests that ran for the model.
We’ve added a Tests tab on the dbt model page. So you can see a specific model-related test results list.
3. Search the specific dbt test name you are looking for.
Just type the test name in the search bar. It will show the result you would like to find.
Tip. Check off the dbt test box will narrow your search result.
For further information, please check out this document.
Thank you for all feedback you made so far and we are eager to hear more of your thoughts on the features. Happy Holidays!
✨ dbt Tags, Databricks integration, and Docs update!
🏷 dbt Tags
Now you can import or sync dbt tag with the existent Select Star tags.
If you want to import dbt tag, please refer to this doc.
Where can I see the dbt tags setting?
By checking off on tag sync box, you can bring dbt tag to the Select Star. If you want to sync the certain dbt tag with the existent Select Star tag, don't forget to pick the one you want from the dropdown field.
Screen-Recording-2022-11-29-at-9 (1)
Once you have synced dbt tags within the Select Star, you can see the separate section for it.
Group 29363
In each dbt tag page, you can see which data assets are tagged.
Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 9
➕ Databricks Integration
We are thrilled to announce our latest integration - Databricks!
Users with Admin access can follow these instructions and connect to their Databricks instance to their Select Star instance.
Once connected, you will be able to explore data lineage across your Databricks instance and your BI tools.
✍️ Docs Update
Creating a new document and metrics can be made directly from the sidebar.
Also, you are able to see the specific set of document with one click from the tab.
Also, you are able to see the specific set of document with one click from the tab.
🔎 Usage Column
Great news for Looker users! Now we show how each looker field is used as
As Is
, or
in the Column Lineage page.
As Is - Column has been replicated as is
Aggregated - Column data is aggregated under SUM(), COUNT(), etc.
Transformed - Column data has been transformed but not aggregated
Filter - Column has been used as a filter for a dashboard or explorer
Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 11
We hope you have a great day! and will bring more news in December. Stay tuned!
👥 Policy-based Access Control(Beta), SQL on Lineage Explore
👥 Policy-Based Access Control (Beta)
We are gradually rolling out our new Access Control starting today. This new feature involves setting different view permissions and privileges within Select Star. Instead of having everyone the same view of Select Star, now you can define which individuals & teams can see which schemas or dashboards within Select Star.
With this control, each organization can have a set of permissions of create, edit, configure, delete, and view-only depending on the roles. Check out our user documentation here.
📝 The new Access Control feature is available for Enterprise tier customers today. If you are interested in trying out our Access Control beta, please let us know.
SQL on Lineage Explore
Now you can see SQL in the lineage explore level on the spot.
How can I see this?
Step 1. Open a Lineage Explore.
Step 2. Click on the table name
Step 3. Click on the SQL icon
Tip 1. You also can copy the SQL by hovering it .
Screen-Recording-2022-10-27-at-1 (1)
Tip 2. If the table has no related SQL, you will not able to see that button.
So far so good? Let us know what you think of the new updates!
Hope you have a great rest of the week!🍁
-Select Star Team.
📍 Select Star Chrome Plugin, Upstream table, downstream charts, and PII Masking.
⭐ Select Star Chrome Plugin ⭐
We are excited to announce the launch of the
Select Star Chrome Extension
! Our Chrome Extension provides a familiar web interface with the added benefit of one-click search.
What’s included? 👀
The Select Star chrome plugin includes everything available in Select Star except for our sidebar, favorite, and settings which will be added.
  1. Search
  2. View table, dashboards related information
  3. Doc/Metrics
  4. Tagging
  • One click search
2022-10-14 10
✨ Source tables and Downstream charts.
We created this feature to save you the trouble of finding the downstream charts and upstream tables. a.k.a. Source tables.
For the
Source tables
  1. Go to the dashboard/chart page
  2. Go to the lineage tab
  3. Click the
    Source tables
    tab. Now you can see the upstream tables by schema and table level.
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 10
For the
downstream charts
  1. Go to the table page
  2. Go to the column page
  3. By clicking on the Downstream charts tab, you can see which dashboard this column was used for.
🔒 PII Masking
To protect personal sensitive data, if a column has a PII tag, all it's values in
Previews tab
are now marked as ******** automatically. To use this function, don't forget to tag the table/column you want as 'PII'
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 8
🍁 Thank you for all feedback you made so far and we eager to hear more your thoughts on the features. Have a good day! 🍁
📍Suggested Description Source, Downstream chart & Upstream Tables, Open Looker button
Source Tables & Downstream Charts
To understand which tables the dashboard is coming from, you might have to click through the multiple levels of BI data model today. We're introducing Source Tables to be able to give you a summary of all direct tables today.
Source Tables - first level of upstream tables of the dashboard:
Similarly, we are also introducing Downstream Charts similar to Downstream Dashboards tab under lineage.
Downstream Charts - list of downstream dashboards & charts per column:
Screen-Recording-2022-09-16-at-2 (1)
Suggested Description Source
The auto-propagated description is one of our most-loved features. To give more context to it, we start to show where it comes from with the✨ icon.
Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 11
Suggested Tags
Select Star will automatically tag asset types with relevant tags from upstream and downstream fields where data is directly propagated.
Select Star will also mark PII tags if the table includes any PII tagged columns.
👆 Suggested tags show up in a grey background. Upon hover, you can see where the tag is auto-filled from.
It's always feeling excited when we bring some product update news! Have a great weekend everyone!
📍Query log processed timestamp, Updated discussion UI, and In-editor markdown rendering
1.Query log processed timestamp
Now, the timestamp of the last query logs processed is presented on the data admin page (UI). We believe this would help when you want to know if this data is up-to-date.
*This update is only for databases (Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, and Redshift)
Group 1
2. Updated discussion UI
We have just updated the discussion look & feel to provide a better user experience. You can easily reply, edit, and share the comments!
Previous screen
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 9
Updated screen
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 9
3. Docs: In-editor markdown rendering
Now you can use Markdown shortcuts to format plain text and generate different outputs. Please refer to what markdown elements we support at this moment:
Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 2
We are sure that this feature will make your documentary experience even better.
Screen-Recording-2022-08-26-at-1 (1)
Also, when pasting a link into the editor, it would automatically be converted to a hyperlink:
Play around with it and let us know what you think!
📍 ERD on specified tables, Updated Mention Search, and Multiple fields for Metrics
1. ERD Filters
We've received a lot of comments that ER Diagram is so useful! To make it more practical, we start to support generating ERD tables based on specified tables. In ERD explore, you can also uncheck some checkboxes of selected tables to see the relationship between the remaining tables.
Screen-Recording-2022-08-17-at-1 (2)
Tip!💡 You can share your
ER Diagram link
with your co-workers!
Screen-Recording-2022-08-17-at-1 (5)
2. Revamped Mention Search
The updated mention search has just been released today! If you are looking specifically for a looker explore or dashboard in mention search, for example, now what you need is just type the search keyword and tick the box for the data type such as looker explore. You can use this in doc, metrics, and descriptions in general.
Screen-Recording-2022-08-17-at-1 (4)
3. Multiple fields for Metrics
Previously, metrics were designed to accept only numbers or BI measure fields. We have made updates to have any type of multiple fields in metrics by using the renovated mention search.
Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 12
📍 Revamped tag page, tables in docs, and Snowflake PK/FK
Tag page Design Update
This revamped tag page can help you take a closer look at what nested tags are and what the tag is for.
Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 11
Tip💡 You can generate
ER Diagram
by selecting checkboxes of data in the asset tab.
Table feature in the editor
The new editor feature 'Table' has just been added. It allows you to insert the table itself and mention the table, doc, metric, and person in it!
Tip💡Don't forget to type @ and a few characters to use mention search)
Search results sorting by popularity
Explore the search result based on popularity.
Screen-Recording-2022-07-28-at-1 (1)
Snowflake PK/FK display
Maybe some of you have already noticed this.. If you have added primary and foreign keys in Snowflake, it will automatically be shown after scheduled ingestion.
We're excited to bring more features next week! Will get back to you soon with more good news.🥳
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