🌟 AI Generated Documentation for BI Tools (Beta)
We recently release AI documentation for data schemas, today we are excited to expand support to BI dashboards, charts and datasets.
With AI generated documentation, you can quickly generate documentation for all your data assets, backed by OpenAI's chatGPT.
Additionally, the AI description as well as any other available description can be retrieved with the
GET /v1/metadata/<guid>/
Note: Select Star will send dashboard and chart titles, column sql definitions, schemas, queries, and existing documentation to facilitate description generation.
πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’Ό User Management API
Operating at scale is important for organizations with a lot of data and many users. Our latest additions to our API will help you manage and review users as well as their permissions.
  1. User Management
    - use our new Users API to create, edit and delete users by API. This can be combined with our new Teams API to additionally add users to a team and modify team membership.
  2. Audit Access
    - use the new Users API to retrieve information on existing users, including their role, to ensure that each user has the correct level of access.
Check out our documentation for some handy examples and our API docs for full details.
🌟 Database and Schema Popularity and Owners
We've updated our database and schema page to display its popularity and owners. By understanding who owns the data and how popular it we believe that you can make better decisions about how to use the data in the organization.
Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 1
This information is also available via API
We're excited for these changes and hope you are too!