We're excited to announce several updates that we believe will enhance your Select Star experience.
🌟 dbt Docs Sync (Private Preview)
We are thrilled to announce our latest feature - dbt docs Sync! With this addition, you can now sync your table/column descriptions visible in Select Star back to your dbt Github or Bitbucket repo.
[Github PR]
[Bitbucket PR]
Reach out to support@getselectstar.com to get access to this feature.
πŸ“„ Team and User Pages: Showing Owned Documents
If you know where a document is located, you can easily share it with other teams or individuals. This promotes collaboration and improves the efficiency of your data-driven workflows.
With this enhancement to team and user pages, you can quickly see documents that are owned by the team or user.
[Team page]
[User page]
Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 9
πŸͺ„AI Docs for Tables from the Database and Schema Pages
AI Documentation for tables has been expanded to be available from database and schema pages. It was previously available directly on the table page, and now you can quickly generate descriptions for tables directly from the schema without having to navigate to a new page.
πŸ” Automated PII Detection - History (Beta)
Improving upon our automated PII detection release a couple of months ago, we've added an update history so you can easily audit changes to PII detection rules.
Hope you have a great the last weekend of July! β˜€οΈ