Hi Data Explorers and Builders 👋
In our latest releases we're giving you more tools to accurately capture lineage, and making sure your data connections don't go stale so you don't miss out on valuable insights.
Manual Lineage Creation
Select Star does most of the heavy lifting by automatically creating your data catalog and generation data lineage to see how it flows. However, there are cases that this does not happen where creating lineage edges manually may be helpful. In particular lineage across data platforms i.e. if you have some development in Databricks that you push into your cloud data warehouse, such as Snowflake or Big Query.
With manual lineage creation, you are able to create those lineage edges manually using Select Star's API.
Manual Lineage Edges
Data Source Error Notifications
Many of the insights within Select Star come from the automated updates about your data, such as detected schema changes. These insights won't be generated if your connections are failing, and now Select Star will proactively email you when a connection is failing.
Data Source Errors
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