1. Github Config UI
Setting up your GitHub repository and dbt connection is now even more convenient with the option to configure everything directly from the UI.
Furthermore, you'll now have the ability to view a comprehensive list of PRs that were generated via the docs Sync feature within your GitHub repository for your dbt datasource.
2. User CSV Download & User management API Update
Now you can download all your organization users at Select Star including the information such as name, email, role, and SSO.
Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 1
In addition, we've made another update! You can update each user's team via the API without needing to accessing to Select Star.
3. Cost Analysis - Data Warehouse filter
You now have the power to select a subset of warehouses from the list and seamlessly run the analysis that fits your needs perfectly.
2023-08-21 12
4. Breadcrumbs on Favorites
Showing the data object file path on Favorites allows users to quickly and easily access the data object's location. Users can easily understand the data object's location, especially when there are tables with the same name in different schemas.