📍 Select Star Chrome Plugin, Upstream table, downstream charts, and PII Masking.
⭐ Select Star Chrome Plugin ⭐
We are excited to announce the launch of the
Select Star Chrome Extension
! Our Chrome Extension provides a familiar web interface with the added benefit of one-click search.
What’s included? 👀
The Select Star chrome plugin includes everything available in Select Star except for our sidebar, favorite, and settings which will be added.
  1. Search
  2. View table, dashboards related information
  3. Doc/Metrics
  4. Tagging
  • One click search
2022-10-14 10
✨ Source tables and Downstream charts.
We created this feature to save you the trouble of finding the downstream charts and upstream tables. a.k.a. Source tables.
For the
Source tables
  1. Go to the dashboard/chart page
  2. Go to the lineage tab
  3. Click the
    Source tables
    tab. Now you can see the upstream tables by schema and table level.
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 10
For the
downstream charts
  1. Go to the table page
  2. Go to the column page
  3. By clicking on the Downstream charts tab, you can see which dashboard this column was used for.
🔒 PII Masking
To protect personal sensitive data, if a column has a PII tag, all it's values in
Previews tab
are now marked as ******** automatically. To use this function, don't forget to tag the table/column you want as 'PII'
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 8
🍁 Thank you for all feedback you made so far and we eager to hear more your thoughts on the features. Have a good day! 🍁