📍 ERD on specified tables, Updated Mention Search, and Multiple fields for Metrics
1. ERD Filters
We've received a lot of comments that ER Diagram is so useful! To make it more practical, we start to support generating ERD tables based on specified tables. In ERD explore, you can also uncheck some checkboxes of selected tables to see the relationship between the remaining tables.
Screen-Recording-2022-08-17-at-1 (2)
Tip!💡 You can share your
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with your co-workers!
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2. Revamped Mention Search
The updated mention search has just been released today! If you are looking specifically for a looker explore or dashboard in mention search, for example, now what you need is just type the search keyword and tick the box for the data type such as looker explore. You can use this in doc, metrics, and descriptions in general.
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3. Multiple fields for Metrics
Previously, metrics were designed to accept only numbers or BI measure fields. We have made updates to have any type of multiple fields in metrics by using the renovated mention search.
Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 12