💫 Editor updates, Metabase Integration, and more!
Docs / Description Editor update
1. Styling & multi-line support for column descriptions
You can now add line breaks, and style text easily for Column / Field descriptions. Yes, keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+B for
is supported too.
2. Floating editor
Within the edit fields, we're also introducing a floating editor. Just highlight the text you want to format, and a floating editor will appear with some styling options. We hope that this makes it easier and faster to edit your text in the database, schema, and column level.
floating mini toolbar
Metabase Integration
  • Metabase integration is one of the most requested integrations from our customers. So now we have it! You can explore Metabase data lineage, popularity, and more in Select Star 🤩
* You can check more information here - Metabase Integration Docs
Postgres / Redshift integration update
We have made it simpler, faster, and more secure to configure Select Star integration with AWS RDS for PostgreSQL and for AWS Redshift.
It has been automated with AWS CloudFormation, which means no more IAM config changes.
Now you can create and flawlessly configure a new data source for these services with a few simple steps: Redshift Integration Docs
dbt Cloud columns for ephemeral models
Ephemeral models weren't supported natively from dbt Cloud APIs, but we've added support to display the column level information ✨
Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 1